Two students in hospital look at medical chart
Two FNTI students gaining hands-on experience at Village Green, a long term care facility, are working toward Personal Support Worker diplomas.

FNTI posting impressive results

First Nations Technical Institute celebrated Canada Career Month in November by announcing its 93% employment rate after graduation, a reflection of its focus on education and preparing students to be workplace ready.

“At FNTI, we care about our learner’s success at school but it doesn’t stop there,” said Suzanne Brant, President of FNTI in a media release Nov. 1. “We care about our learner’s transition from school to workplace, a transition that is often neglected in traditional learning institutions but is critical to bridge the gap between educated and work ready.”

The programs at FNTI are centred around what jobs and roles are needed in Indigenous communities across Canada while ensuring its learners have practical skills through work-placements and co-ops.

At FNTI, graduation rates are 86% and work placements after graduation are 93%, much higher than national averages for Indigenous students at traditional learning institutions. To see their 2018 Thanksgiving Address wishing all people Happy Holidays, click this LINK.

Student form a drum line in front of teepee
SSW culture camp – Feasting the Drum
Female students dressed in formal clothing
FNTI Aviation – Women Pilots in Training attend Northern Lights Gala for Women in Science, Technology, Aerospace