Our Community, Our Choice

IAESC’s social media platforms were introduced at the Our Community, Our Choice conference student delegates from Indigenous Institutes.

#OurIAESC #OCOC2019 #OurChoice

IAESC has social media platforms

Social media platforms for IAESC communication were established recently in time for the first ever student conference for representatives of Indigenous Institutes in Ontario.

The Our Community, Our Choice event in Toronto Feb. 6-7 invited students to share their vision for the future of this pillar of postsecondary education. Hash tags suggested by student ambassadors and staff at the event included #OurIAESC #OCOC2019 #OurChoice

Indigenous Institutes, their students, community partners and others interested in this sector can keep up with IAESC news through Instagram @ourIAESC, Twitter @IAESC1 and Facebook @iaesc.ca with videos published on YouTube @IAESC Inc and Vimeo @IAESC.